Tim Frazer, Deputy Chair

Tim has been involved with Border Trust since its inception in 2005. He is currently a Director and Deputy Chair. Tim and his family moved to Albury in 2004 with KPMG (now Findex Albury) after several international secondments, the last being as a partner with KPMG Moscow.

Tim believes that the Border Trust is an excellent way to help strengthen our local regional community. A diverse, robust, interactive and engaged local community creates fantastic opportunities for the next generations to thrive.

“A quality community foundation helps make local grassroots initiatives happen. Border Trust uses its practical experience to allow local organisations to work through regulations and compliance red tape that often limit active community engagement. It is a really cost effective option – for individuals and corporates.”

In Tim’s view, the Border Trust helps make this an excellent community to grow up in and proudly call home.

A Community Foundation is an independent philanthropic organisation working in a specific geographic area which, over time, builds up a collection of endowed funds from many donors in the community. It provides services to the community and its donors, makes grants and undertakes community leadership and partnership activities to address a wide variety of needs in its service area.”