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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Collective giving for the Border region

GIVE500 is a great start point for your philanthropic journey

GIVE500 provides an accessible entry point for like-minded donors across all generations to pool their donations, support their community and experience the grant-making process first-hand.

The campaign aims to highlight unmet needs in our local community, to increase involvement in philanthropy across the region and support life-changing community programs.

It’s just a smarter way of giving.

Donations to the 2023 Give500 Campaign are now open – click here


How it works

Donors to GIVE500 make one donation each year to the value of $500.

This is pooled together to create funds for high impact grants for the benefit of our community.  Year on year, and as the number of Give500 donors grows, the impact of the campaign grows too.

For example: with 100 donors all contributing $500, $50,000 is raised to benefit our community.

60% of funds raised will be allocated to support an important community initiative, as decided by the Give500 donors.  The remaining 40% is held in the Give500 Named Sub-Fund to build a sustainable foundation, support additional charitable granting and build a perpetual fund for community benefit. *

Investment returns from any funds retained in the Give500 Named Sub-Fund will be added to the cause.

Each year we aim to grow the number of contributors and increase the grant allocation. The perpetual Named Sub-Fund also grows, providing a lasting gift to our community and ensuring the growth and sustainability of the program.

The Give500 Named Sub-Fund is a Sub-Fund within Border Trust. Donations are tax-deductible.


*10% of funds retained from the 2021/2022 year will be allocated to Border Trust to administer the program.

One donation, one vote

Each year you contribute $500, you’ll receive one vote at the annual Give500 Pitch Night (held in October/November)

Families or organisations wishing to contribute more, can certainly do so.  It’s a wonderful team building exercise to work together to choose the project you wish to support.

The story so far – highlights from Give500 2021 Pitch Night.

Sign up today and start your philanthropic journey! You can donate $500 now or $100 a month for five months.

For other payment options, please contact us.

With thanks to Albury Business Connect for their support and sponsorship of GIVE500