Establish a Named Sub-Fund

What is a Named Sub-Fund?

A Named Sub-Fund is a great way to involve family members or whole organisations in a meaningful and fulfilling giving experience. Donations can be made to Named Sub-Funds at any time by the original donor, or by family members, friends or others. All donations are fully tax deductible, and we manage all governance for you.

A Named Sub-Fund allows you to recommend the preferred charities or causes in the Albury Wodonga Region that you wish to support.  Creating a Named Sub-Fund gives you the chance to provide community assistance at grassroots and personal level.

Establishing a Named Sub-Fund in perpetuity with Border Trust is simple. Starting from $2,000 your fund can grant to local community organisations once it builds to $20,000.  We’ll work with you along the way.

  • Donations can be made at any time and many people can contribute.
  • It is easy to follow a Sub-Fund’s progress. You can see firsthand the difference your contribution makes. It’s a wonderful experience to be involved in.
  • A Named Sub-Fund is a simple option for an individual or family who want to give in perpetuity without the cost and legal requirements of setting up a Private Ancillary Fund or Family Foundation.
  • It is also a great option for businesses wanting to be more active in their support of the local community. It can be a positive way to encourage staff development and involvement in giving.

Download Information Brochure here.

Why Create a Named Sub-Fund?

There are lots of reasons but some include:

  • Remembering a loved family member or someone special in perpetuity;
  • Financially supporting activity in your specific area of community interest; and
  • Encouraging family or staff to become more active participants within your community.

Activating the power of giving

See Border Trust’s Named sub-funds here.

A Named Sub-Fund starts from as little as $2,000

An initial contribution of $2,000 will allow you to get your Named Sub-Fund started.

Your gift forms part of Border Trust’s Public Ancillary Fund and is not separate to other money in the Border Trust Public Ancillary Fund. We do all the hard work for you.

Funds are pooled for investment purpose with investment options discussed when the fund is established.  As the fund grows to $20,000, the income generated will fund future distributions to support the causes you care about.

To start the conversation contact Border Trust on 0485 858 185 or