About Border Trust

BORDER TRUST is the Community Foundation for Albury Wodonga and surrounding regions.
Our purpose is to enable local people to shape the future of their community by directing resources (money, time and talent) to support worthwhile local initiatives”.

How does Border Trust work?

Our communities have needs that are not able to be met by traditional funding sources.

The Border Trust encourages individuals, families, businesses and other organisations to make donations to meet these needs, now and in the future. These donations are retained as capital by the Border Trust to build a perpetual and substantial fund for philanthropic purposes.

The raised funds are then directed to community projects selected from applications through a community grants program, and money is distributed to local causes.

Bequests and ‘named funds’ can also be established via Border Trust and are normally held in trust as capital, with the trustees investing these funds and distributing the interest regularly to community groups and initiatives of their choice.

Legal structure

Border Trust is a company limited by guarantee, which is a charitable organisation. It is the Trustee of a charitable trust (known as a public fund). Donations to the public fund are tax deductible.

Border Trust is fully transparent and accountable to the community through external audits, publication of an annual report and community consultations.

What is a Community Foundation?

A community foundation is an independent philanthropic organisation that enables local donors to contribute cash, trusts, bequests or real property to create permanent endowments that benefit a specific geographic area.

What regions does Border Trust support?

Border Trust is the Community Foundation for the cities of Albury and Wodonga, and the Indigo, Towong, Greater Hume and Federation Shires.