Border Trust Board, Staff & Structure

Border Trust has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a charity. Donations to the Trust’s Gift Fund are tax deductible and the Trust is exempt from tax. Border Trust is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, with a wide range of skills and experience and an extensive knowledge of our local communities.

Sue Gold, Executive Officer

Julia Vesval, Acting Chair

Michael Leonhard, Director

Glenys Atkins, Community Engagement & Impact

Mackenzie Putt, Treasurer

Thomas Coelli-Donaghy, Director

Alexandra Jankowski, Events & Marketing

Tim Frazer, Secretary

Caitlin Lawrence, Director

Michelle Hudson, Donor Engagement & Partnerships Coordinator

Kristy Campbell, Director

Board Vacancies

We are on the lookout for extraordinary, energetic and connected people from diverse backgrounds, who want to make a positive difference across the border region.

We are currently seeking suitably qualified individuals with strong governance experience, together with those skilled in the areas of philanthropy and legal.

Border Trust is in a growth phase, with a renewed strategic plan and lots of positive energy.

If you or anyone you know might be interested, please contact the Border Trust office for more information on 0411 094 165.