FRRR Back to School Program

The FRRR Back to School Gift Voucher Program is coordinated nationally by the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal, and supported locally by Hume Bank.

Border Trust provides the local mechanism for the program, which offers valuable assistance for local families in need by distributing $50 Target Gift Vouchers to support with the purchase of school supplies.

Each year, we register our interest with FRRR on behalf of families in need and in direct consultation with the 110 primary and secondary schools in our region. School principals throughout the region are invited to register for the program and request vouchers for families in need.

The vouchers are allocated to schools by Border Trust and are distributed at the discretion of each school and to assist families with the purchase of uniforms, books, footwear, stationary, toiletries or other school necessities.

This small gift aims to help students start the school year happy, confident and with the resources they need and to feel they fit-in and not stand-out.

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Can a $50 voucher really make a difference?

“Recently a family arrived in our school from a war torn country. When I gave them a $50 voucher to purchase new shoes for the child and explained that people in our community donate the money to buy the vouchers to help people who need a hand occasionally, the father cried. The father still thanks me for his son’s school shoes and his son values them as his most precious possession. It was the only new thing his son had ever had”.

“Lots of people have their hands out and there are a lot of worthy causes, but the thing that stood out with the Back to School Program was that it was in our region and it affected our kids. We have our own children, we know how hard it is for families and we wanted to give everyone the best chance because if they’ve got the right stuff they’ve got confidence. If you’re in a position, $50 is not a lot to make a big difference to someone else”.

“This assistance provides students with a feeling of self worth when they have a new shirt, hat or shoes to wear to school. It really makes a difference”.

Recent distributions

Border Trust is proud to a have supported the distribution of over $564,600 in vouchers since the commencement of the program in 2005.

  • 2023 – 580 vouchers distributed to 65 schools
  • 2022 – 872 vouchers distributed to 68 schools
  • 2021 -Bushfire Recovery Round 2 – 270 vouchers distributed to 10 schools
  • 2021 -Bushfire Recovery Round 1 – 300 vouchers distributed to 15 schools
  • 2021 – 300 vouchers distributed to 55 schools
  • 2020 – Bushfire Recovery Round – 800 vouchers distributed to 15 schools
  • 2020 – 590 vouchers distributed to 67 schools
  • 2019 – 1094 vouchers distributed to 70 schools
  • 2018 – 949 vouchers distributed to 76 schools
  • 2017 – 568 vouchers distributed to 66 schools

In addition to the FRRR contribution to this program, local generosity has enabled us to meet the needs of more families at the beginning of each school year.

Thank you to our local donors: –

  • Hume Bank
  • The Scots School Albury’ Student Representative Council
  • Adroit Insurance Group
  • Institute Chartered Accountants
  • The Scanlon Foundation
  • Various private donors.