The Terry Floyd Foundation School Cyber Safety Project

The Terry Floyd Foundation, recipient of our ACE Radio – 2AY & EDGE FM Handbury Foundation Grant Program, recently partnered with ySafe services to provide their School Cyber Safety Project to two regional Primary Schools.

The belief and vision of The Terry Floyd Foundation is to help support children live brighter futures. ySafe’s mission is to equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to stay safe online.

The partnership of these two vital organisations provided an extremely relevant opportunity for regional Primary Schools to enhance their cyber safety education and empower their students, staff and parents with the necessary skills and knowledge to stay safe online. This was to be achieved with comprehensive education packages including face to face education, access to the ySafe Online Safety Hub and a huge range of online resources to increase education and skills towards cyber security.

With the countless aspects of online safety, it’s impossible to pinpoint all of the positive outcomes that came from and continue to come from this project, but we’ll do our best!

The students who participated in the education sessions gained a better understanding of the risks associated with using the internet and social media and were provided with practical tools and strategies to stay safe online. By providing this education at a young age, the project aimed to help students develop healthy online habits and reduce the risk of negative online experiences.

Educators gained valuable professional development and training in cyber safety education, enabling them to better support their students in this area. Resources and tools were also provided to help them integrate cyber safety education into their existing teaching practices.

Parents who participated in the project were provided with valuable information and resources to help them support their children’s online safety. By involving parents in the project, the aim was to promote a whole community approach to cyber safety education, with parents, educators, and students all working together to ensure a safe and positive online experience.

With over 300 students, parents and teachers being part of this initiative and overwhelming positive feedback from school leaders at Wahgunyah Primary School and Chiltern Primary School and from surveys and forms, the projects goals were absolutely achieved. Participants indicated that they had gained a greater understanding of cyber safety issues and had been provided with practical tools and strategies to stay safe online. Educators reported feeling better equipped to teach cyber safety to their students, and parents reported feeling more confident in their ability to support their children’s online safety.

‘We are proud to have made a real difference in the lives of the students, teachers, and parents we worked with during this project. Our efforts have helped to create a safer online environment for young people in remote and regional areas, and we hope that our work will continue to have a positive impact for years to come. – Daryl Floyd, Terry Floyd Foundation.

This project was made possible through the funding from ACE Radio 2AY with Philanthropic Partner, Handbury Foundation. Thank you, your support allows organisations like The Terry Floyd Foundation to continue such important education and positive change in our local community.

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