Petaurus Education Group – Sisters who SHINE: Inspiring local young girls to reach for the stars!

A future where all young girls and women are knowledgeable, healthy and empowered. This is the vision of Petaurus Education Group and to help achieve this vision is their ongoing program, Sisters who SHINE: Inspiring local young girls to reach for the stars!
Across the last two incredibly successful programs, over 70 young women participated in valuable and enjoyable activities, workshops and educational sessions. These included cyber safety, AI and robotics, First Nations language, finance, nutrition, resilience, mentorship, wellbeing, games and providing hands-on opportunities that promote interest in pursuing careers that are available locally, including in STEM-related industries (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). As well as growing knowledge and skills the Sisters Who SHINE Foundation ensure these also included themes of positivity, kindness and teamwork.
‘SWS (Sisters who SHINE) has opened my daughter’s eyes to cool things that girls can do like science and bouldering. The program boosts her confidence every time she attends and gives her skills to manage life as a girl and now tween. The ladies create an amazing culture where the girls feel valued, safe and comfortable to open up and challenge themselves.’ – Parent of recent participant
Petaurus Education Group were a runner-up organisation during the 2022 Give500 Campaign. This funding has allowed young girls in the Border Region to truly SHINE.
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