The Carevan Foundation

Recipient of the 2023 Give500 Collective Giving Grant Program

The Carevan Foundation

Project: The Ruffy Swags Project
Awarded Amount: $18,000.00
Impact Areas: Equity, Connection & Wellbeing


The Carevan Foundation is a not for profit organisation that helps to feed and support the homeless and disadvantaged in our community. Caravan’s goal is to create a sense of identity and belonging, whilst building relationships with those we are able to assist.
Carevan runs Kids Cooking in Schools programs to assist in the delivery of our nightly meal service for those in need.

The Ruffy Swags project will produce Backpack Swags for homeless and rough sleepers who are finding it difficult to find a bed each night. In our local area, rough sleepers are becoming more common due to regional housing shortages and cost of living issues. Providing a swag that is warm in winter, cool in summer and practical to carry will be an extremely valuable resource to provide for these people.

The Carevan Foundation will work with the Beechworth Correctional Centre who will provide the workforce to produce the swags for this program. Participation in the program will give the inmates at the facility positive direction, a sense of purpose and meaning to their days while serving their time. In addition, the skills gained producing the swags for the project has the potential to extend their employment opportunities for when they are released.