Murray Valley Sanctuary Refugee Group

The Murray Valley Sanctuary Refugee Group (MVSRG) has been assisting refugees on humanitarian visas since 2005.
Their core purpose is to sponsor and settle refugees towards independence and integration into our community. These new community members are assisted by MVSRG in countless ways but most notably by providing them with the confidence to engage with the wider community, access to the knowledge and skills to gain independence and then the transport to places they need to achieve this.
Transport to appointments, lessons, shopping, programs and schooling is an essential step to assist in their integration to our community and in turn their confidence.
As part of the 2023 Border Trust Community Grant program,  the MVSRG was awarded a $10,000.00 grant from the Scanlon Foundation to support transport costs. The grant will ensure that the volunteers are able to assist these new community members in getting to their appointments, lessons, schooling, programs and stores.