Our Native Garden Nursery

Recipient of the  2023 Give500 Collective Giving Grant Program

Our Native Garden Nursery

Project:  Seeds On the Move – Local Garden Initiative – Indigenous Seed Bank
Awarded Amount: $4,000.00
Impact Areas: Climate Resilience & Connection & Wellbeing


Our Native Garden Nursery (ONG) is a community-operated, local native nursery in Wodonga. They propagate quality, well priced native plants for local revegetation projects to organisations including the Wodonga Urban Landcare Network, Council of Wodonga, schools and businesses, as well as supplying the Wodonga public.
ONG promotes native plant revegetation and habitat revitalisation throughout the Wodonga region and encourages community education through volunteer training and public events.

ONG will establish an indigenous seed bank for north-eastern Victorian native plants gathered by ONG volunteers and the Wodonga community. The aim of collecting local provenance seed is to ensure the plants propagated by ONG volunteers are climate adapted to this area. Establishment of the ONG seed bank will fill a significant gap in local native plant seed collection in north east Victoria and southern NSW. The ONG proposal begins a formal local plant identification and seed collection project over a six month with a plan to run an annual collection program, recording a local map of seed collection locations.

The nursery seeks interested community members to join our local native plant discovery program. The project plans to introduce community to plant ID techniques and seed collection methodology through bushland “walk and talks”. The program will ultimately guarantee the diversity of native plants ONG can grow for the local area with the community invited to actively assist the nursery in achieving this.