Mercy Connect

Mercy Connect’s purpose is to support people in need to live fulfilled lives.
The team at Border Trust always value the chance to visit our community members and their organisations to see firsthand the difference that they’re making in our community.
Our most recent visit was to Mercy Connect, and we were blown away by the size, atmosphere, facilities and care available to those in need. As a not-for-profit organisation, Mercy Connect deliver programs to people in need to improve, advocate and lead the way, in order to meet the ever-changing needs of vulnerable people. The grounds on where Mercy Connect is situated are just beautiful, creating an inviting and relaxing backdrop for residents, staff, visitors and those receiving assistance.
With such vast facilities the good that Mercy Connect are able to achieve in our community is immeasurable. They support people through Therapy and Clinical Services, Accommodation, Supported Living, Daily Living Skills, respite and more.
Thank you to Trent and Rosie for hosting our visit and taking the time to show us around. Be sure to learn more about Mercy Connect, their services and what they achieve in our community –

Mercy Connect were the recipient of a Border Trust grant in 2022, to support activities at the centre.
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